Fun in the Sun – Plastic Free!

When the sun’s out there’s nothing better than getting outside to enjoy food and the odd drink with friends.

Whether it’s at home in the garden or out in the park, all too often it can be a bit of a plastic fest – plastic bottles, disposable cups and crockery and enough plastic packaging to fill a turtle (not funny – you just don’t know where your plastic rubbish will end up).

Let’s start with the plastic bottles– often of thirst quenching fizzy drinks. Much better to take your own flasks of ice cold water and some sliced lemon or cordials for a dash of flavour.


Flasks can be used for hot or cold drinks, and there’s some great ones here If you find that yours has kept the flavour of the ox tail soup you took to keep you warm at football, then filling it with 3 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda dissolved in hot water and leaving for an hour.

Plastic cups and plates – seem like such a good idea, with no washing up or breakages. But street party organisers on Ramsbury Road found that their street party was transformed when they ditched disposable plastic completely and asked everyone to bring their own normal cups, plates and cutlery. Not only did everyone have the glow of knowing they were doing the right thing, but no one was lumbered with tidying up the mess of scattered disposables when everyone else had left.

Alternatively, for something a bit different, you could try local business woman Meera’s selection of plates and bowls made of leaves and wooden cutlery


Or go creative and use empty jam jars and paper straws for your summer drinks – all ready for the recycling bin once the party is over.

Food – Plastic seems to be an almost compulsory part of picnic and party food, but it’s not so hard to enjoy some delicious food without the plastic guilt.

Try the St.Albans Refill Pantry  or visit Eat Wholefoods where you can buy delicious snacks that you can put in your own containers.


Making your own houmous is as easy as switching on the blender, and it goes fabulously with some spicy home made crackers and raw veg. Just take your own bags to the market or super market for your veg – they really are getting used to the idea!


Decoration: Ditch balloons and plastic bunting and instead go stylish with this buntingmade from recycled saris, or for parties at home, there’s nothing better than a jam jar of flowers from your garden. Enjoy!

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