March 2018 Roundup

Welcome to our March 2018 roundup! With so much going on already, we’ve released our Plastic Free St Albans Map early. This shows all the steps local businesses and organisations are taking to becoming plastic free, including where you can get a coffee discount for bringing your own cup. Don’t forget to sign up for our launch events on Sunday 22nd April at our Facebook page.

  • Marlborough Road Methodist Church switched from disposable plastic communion cups back to traditional glass. They also tell us that the wine is non-alcoholic, and the communion wafers are gluten-free :-).
  • The Pudding Stop have joined the Refuse the Straw campaign, only serving biodegradable straws. While you are there, check out their reusable tote bags, loose leaf coffees, and cold drinks in glass bottles.
  • The St Albans Refill campaign kicked off – we’re delighted to be partnering with St Albans City & District Council, Affinity Water, and St Albans BID in this fantastic, common sense initiative. Download the app and get Refilling!
  • We had some amazing coverage in the Herts Advertiser!
  • Tabure are the first business to sign up to the campaign. Already part of Refuse the Straw, they have now also committed to ditching plastic stirrers.
  • Well done 1st London Colney Scouts for a successful litter pick! *salutes*
  • The Inn on the Park continue with their commitment to going greener, by signing up to Refill, and taking actions to reduce the use of balloons (difficult at an event venue), and to further cut the number of plastic water bottles. We’re delighted to also be partnering with them to crowdfund for a litter pick board in the park, please pledge a couple of pounds to make this happen.
  • Ye Olde Fighting Cocks announced they’re ticking all the campaign boxes – no plastic straws, stirrers, plastic water bottles or balloons there; and another sign up for the Refill app for thirsty park goers.
  • Those of you who know Charlie and her eco credentials won’t be surprised that Charlie’s Coffee Shop are an early supporter of the campaign, with no plastic straws, stirrers, balloons, and a sign up for Refill. On top of all this, she has always used compostable coffee cups.
  • The Green Kitchen contacted us with a vote of support. They’ve been eco friendly right from the start, having only ever used ‘Vegware’ items and have switched to metal straws, both in the cafe and to sell. They also buy all their cleaning products- eco friendly of course, in 5 litres, and don’t sell soft drinks unless they are in glass.
  • Cyclists’ favourite cafe The Hub Redbourn are working hard to be eco friendly. They’ve signed up for Refill, switched to paper straws, and use compostable cups and lids for their teas and coffees.
  • The Dahlia Coffee House at Ayletts Nursery got in touch to let us know that they don’t use plastic straws or stirrers, and have signed up for Refill.
  • Make sure you visit Eat Wholefoods for store cupboard container refills from their Hatfield Road store, and packaged in biodegradable cellophane from the Catherine Street end of the market.
  • You can even shop locally and plastic-free without leaving home! Check out local eco friendly picnic ware shop The Blue Speck, and ethical homewares company Aerende who will deliver by bicycle from Fleetville wherever possible, in plastic-free packaging.


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